Welcome to Environmental Literacy for Vermont!

Environmental Literacy for Vermont is a project of Vermont’s Statewide Environmental Education Programs alliance (SWEEP) and the Four Winds Nature Institute.  During the winter of 2010, we worked with representatives from a range of occupations and organizations across our communities to coordinate a statewide conversation on environmental literacy in Vermont.  We hosted a series of public dialogues around the state so that together, we envisioned environmentally literate communities, highlighted model programs in Vermont, and identified environmental education needs and opportunities in order to create a Roadmap to Environmental Literacy for Vermont.  The Roadmap is now available online!

The Roadmap to Environmental Literacy for Vermont will introduce you to the project and will take you on a journey through each of Vermont’s 14 counties.  In each county, you will find descriptions of two or three successful and replicable environmental projects and initiatives.  Our hope is that as you and others read the vignettes you find there, you’ll not only be proud of what your neighbors are accomplishing, but you’ll be inspired to get involved in some of these things yourself or be motivated to start something important and new.

You can read the Roadmap online by clicking here.  Or you can download a high resolution printable version of the Roadmap (12MB) here.

This is a living document and we will hope to add new stories of the good work going on around Vermont when we can. We hope you are inspired and motivated by this Roadmap to Environmental Literacy for Vermont!