E. L. Definitions

Environmental Literacy Definitions

The goal of environmental education is to create an environmentally literate citizenry. The North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE) organizes this goal under four themes that are paraphrased as follows:

•    An understanding of the Earth as a physical system and the living environment, as well as humans and their societies within the landscape;
•    A familiarity with some basic modes of inquiry, creative thinking, and an ability to interpret and synthesize information;
•    An understanding of the ideals, principles, and practices of citizenship in order to participate in resolving issues;
•    Motivation and empowerment to act, understanding that what people do as individuals and groups can make a difference

Still not sure just what environmental literacy is?  We understand that the term environmental literacy can be a bit confusing at first.  Check out our Photo Gallery for some examples of environmental literacy in action.