Project Photos

Project Photos

Thanks for visiting our Project Photo Gallery!  Below you can find photos of folks engaged in thoughtful conversations and having lots of fun at many of the public dialogues that we hosted during the winter of 2010.

Addison County Public Dialogue

Ilsley Public Library

January 27, 2010

addison small group 2 first_dialog_jen

Bennington County Public Dialogue

Manchester Elementary Middle School

February 9, 2010

 bennington county 1 bennington county 2       

  bennington county 3    

Rutland County Public Dialogue

Rutland Free Library

February 16, 2010

rutland-county-1 rutland-county-2 rutland-county-3         

Washington County Public Dialogue

Thatcher Brook Primary School

March 15, 2010

  washington county 3 washington county 2 washington county 1       

Chittenden County Public Dialogue

Fletcher Free Library

March 24, 2010

 chittenden county 1 chittenden county 3        

Windsor County Public Dialogue

Hartland Public Library

April 1, 2010

windsor county 1 windsor county 3 windsor county 2         

Caledonia County Public Dialogue

The Fairbanks Museum

April 14, 2010

caledonia county 1 caledonia county 2 caledonia county 3